the collective

Over the last few decades we have gathered the top minds in the industry, used measured, data driven research and collaborated with bleeding-edge companies to create the next iteration of the traditional “Community”. Hunters Point truly is the community of tomorrow. We have rethought everything from power generation to natural disasters. Curated a harmony of efficiency and did it all using sustainable and ethically sourced materials. What we ended up with is a new type of community, rooted in luxury Gulf living and founded on Earth sustaining principles. Welcome to Hunters Point, a community of the future…built in paradise. 

Powering The Collective.

It’s no secret that the way that we create, distribute and consume power is a hot button issue. As we become more technologically advanced, we are in turn going to require more and more energy to run those technologies. Until recently we have relied on fossil fuels, but as we have learned, they are less than ideal in that they are hard to collect, finite and do horrible things to our environment. Alternate means of energy production are varied and each carries its own pros and cons. This being the Sunshine State, the fact that it's unlimited, free and abundant made our decision to go solar a fairly easy one. Combining solar collection, battery storage and linking all of our homes to each other was where the real breakthrough came. 
Here are a few points about Hunters Point and the way we look at the future of the creation of energy:

  • Net positive power means The Hunters Point Collective generates MORE than we need.
  • The Collective is an inclusive system where each home can rely on its neighbor and vice versa. 
  • The Collective is completely powered independently without relying on any state-run power grid.
  • With The Collective, power outages become a thing of the past.
  • Each home utilizes the absolute latest in battery technology.
  • We generate power from the sun, in the Sunshine State.

World changing technology and quiet sea breezes.

The investment in environmentally conscious technology is an investment in the future of the entire planet. Our work to bring the home, the neighborhood and the community at large into the 21st Century is causing good trouble in the industry and we are delighted to offer you an opportunity to invest by getting in on the ground floor. Investing in a Hunters Point property is a savvy investment by any measure and it brings with it the satisfaction of investing in the future of our planet. Start your journey today by setting up an appointment with one of our specialists and learn more about the smartest investment on the market. 

World changing technology and quiet sea breezes.

Tucked into a quiet corner of the Gulf Coast and surrounded by Florida’s natural beauty, Cortez, FL was the ideal place to plan and build a first-in-class, luxury, sustainable ecosystem. A bit of old-world panache in its surroundings was exactly what Hunters Point needed to promote healthy and balanced living. Juxtaposed with the cutting-edge technology built into every home, the charm of Cortez allows you to keep an eye on the future, without forgetting the past.

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“Cortez, on Sarasota Bay in Manatee County, is one of the last remaining fishing villages on Florida's southwest Gulf coast.”


Experience Luxury, Sustainably!

Take the first step towards your dream resort lifestyle eco-friendly home near Anna Maria Island. Contact Hunters Point now to discover how you can live in harmony with nature without compromising on luxury. Your sustainable, luxurious future awaits!