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About Hunters Point Resort & Marina Homes

Technology has brought us a world where we no longer have to sacrifice the future of our planet to enjoy the best life has to offer. Our one of one smart home design is leading the way in new home construction, but our heart is in the past. Everything from our process to our materials are carefully considered ensuring a premium product for our customers and the planet. Yet in a nod to the past, we chose to place our community of tomorrow in one of the last “sleepy fishing villages” left on the Gulf Coast. As one of the last new construction projects on Anna Maria Island, Hunters Point is the perfect blend of old world charm and cutting-edge technology. Meet with us today to learn more about how you can live your best life while leaving something better for the next generation.

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Our Mission

Sustainability. It’s a simple concept; responsible living that ensures a viable world for the generations behind us.  Generational Sustainability is the idea that we can provide more than just a healthy portfolio for the next generation, we can leave behind a better planet. Hunters Point Resort and Marina properties are a sound investment in both. Whether building your forever home, or diversifying your holdings with a can’t miss rental property, we are ready to show you what the future can bring. Our commitment will always be quality. Quality experience when building out your fully customized dream home. Quality construction that is leading the industry in ways never seen before. And quality materials and processes that are sourced and moved in the most eco-friendly ways possible. 

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Our vision

Looking Ahead.

We set out with some lofty goals: to build the next generation of homes and communities. We are proud of Hunter’s Point and what it represents for the future. Luxury and automation that are breaking new ground, sustainable practices that minimize any negative affect on our planet, and all powered by the sun. Our future goals are simple: build more communities of tomorrow in more of the most beautiful places on our planet. We wanted to become a model for the way communities are built in the future, now we want to show the world what that community can do. 

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“Based on the information provided, these homes at Hunters Point are Zero Carbon, producing more energy than needed. These energy efficient, sustainable homes are in the position to sell that excess energy produce the grid.”

Smart energy for brilliant solar-powered homes.

Building a sustainable community is first and foremost an endeavor into solving the energy problem. Where is it generated? How does it get to your home? And how much is wasted along the way? We needed to solve all of these problems, so that our community didn’t need to think about it. We built a system that works in the background, collecting, storing and distributing all the energy your home, or the community will ever need. We knew this ground-breaking system would require collaboration with a partner who shared our vision and our commitment to the environment. Enter Sonnen. The world’s leader in home energy management and storage. They have been solving these energy problems for a long time and have been lauded as one of the best. Winning awards from MIT competing alongside the giants of Silicon Valley. Our partnership continues and rest assured we are not done innovating for the future of our planet. 

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Experience Luxury, Sustainably!

Take the first step towards your dream resort lifestyle eco-friendly home near Anna Maria Island. Contact Hunters Point now to discover how you can live in harmony with nature without compromising on luxury. Your sustainable, luxurious future awaits!