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Generational Luxury and Sustainability

Sustainability. It’s a simple concept; responsible living that ensures a viable world for the generations behind us.  Generational Sustainability is the idea that we can provide more than just a healthy portfolio for the next generation, we can leave behind a better planet. Hunters Point Resort and Marina properties are a sound investment in both. A community of the future, purpose built with the absolute latest technology available in off-grid energy production and distribution, eco-conscious building practices, and bespoke smart-home design, Hunters Point is a prudent investment for your forever home. 

Rental property investment is one of the fastest growing sectors in the modern economy and most of that market consists of single investors.  With better than average ROI year over year, and a management agency to cater to your tenants every need, a Hunters Point property is one of the most sound investments you can make for yourself. Combine that with our commitment to sustainable luxury and it’s also a prudent investment in the future of our planet. 

Hunter's Point, The Pearl's InteriorHunter's Point, The Pearl's InteriorThe Pearl Interior
Hunter's Point, The Pearl's InteriorHunter's Point, The Pearl's InteriorHunter's Point, The Pearl's Interior

You can build a community of the future anywhere…we chose paradise. 

Tucked into a quiet corner of southwest Florida, adjacent to Anna Maria Island, Cortez, FL is literally one of the last sleepy fishing villages left on the Gulf Coast. Year-round sunshine and gentle ocean breezes are perfect additions to the white sand beaches and the swaying palm trees that exquisitely embraces that “Florida vibe”. 

We have proven that building responsibly does not mean sacrificing on luxury. Begin customizing your property today and build the home you have always dreamed of owning. Customize your surfaces and textures, lighting, automation and even your energy consumption, knowing that your Hunters Point home was built on more than just a solid foundation. Our drive to build the best home possible includes every detail you can imagine. Even our windows hermetically seal your home from outside forces like temperature, dust and pesky hurricanes, and oh, they also far exceed any Florida building codes.
The perfect investment in your future is just a click away.  

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Strong, intelligent and elegantly crafted. Hunters Point home design is centered around sustainable practice, but our eye is always on luxury. Learn more about our home eco-friendly building process and how focusing on sustainability doesn’t mean skimping on premium material or the perks.

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Interior Design

Rich, luxurious and quality-built. Our interior designs are custom fit to your specific tastes and utilize only the highest quality, sustainably sourced, materials. Learn more about Hunter Point’s lavish home environment and how to truly experience luxury in the future.

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Sustainable, minimal, and resourceful. Our build process has been refined over years of thoughtful, data-driven research. Learn more about how Hunters Point uses science and research to build world-class homes with almost zero waste and minimal impact on our environment. 

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Responsible, efficient and compassionate. Our commitment to the preservation of our most valuable asset is at the core of everything we do at Hunters Point. Learn more about how we base all of our effort on the betterment of the planet today and tomorrow.



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