Solar Powered Home

Solar energy is fast approaching the cheapest and most efficient way to satiate our power hungry lives. Renewable, abundant, and inexhaustible the issue is that it produces magnitudes more energy than we can use and isn’t much good at night. That is where the rapid advancement of battery technology steps in to save the day. With your Q.ANTUM, Made in the USA solar panels pulling in power all day and your evenings running on your Sonnen battery system, your home’s energy usage will be something that you used to think about. 

No more fluctuating power bills so if you choose to use your Hunters Point home as a rental opportunity, you can rest assured that budgeting for overhead will be that much easier. Beyond a check mark in the “good financial decision” category, a solar powered home can keep you safe and comfortable in even the most chaotic of times. 

Owning a home that is its own power plant, means not having to worry about outages when the rest of the state is scrambling to reinstate power to the grid. Hunters Point is the grid. Linked to one another and able to provide power to each other when in need, Hunters Point provides yet another level of luxury, comfort, and peace of mind not offered in any other community on the Gulf Coast. 

“The high points for innovation come from the fact that this project is doing more than the expected. It is somewhat future-proofed by doing more than the minimum and considering the environment of these homes holistically. One or two measures are typically addressed, but this project has addressed multiples more.”
Main Floor
Main Floor
Luxury Kitchens

The Center of the Home Just Got Updated.

Smart appliances, responsibly sourced countertops and on-the-fly customized lighting are just a few of the modern amenities offered in your new Hunters Point luxury kitchen. Like everything at Hunters Point, we rethought the kitchen and brought it into the future. 

Automation can be daunting, but a home assistant that is customized to your needs from the beginning and is smart enough to learn as it goes, makes your leap into the future not only easy, but fun. Need to preheat the oven for those cookies on the way home from the shops, just ask, it will hit 375 degrees before your garage door senses that you are home. Want some custom lighting for a long needed romantic dinner for two? Choose from pre-sets or design your own lighting scheme. It’s all possible and waiting for you at Hunters Point. 

Custom counters, floors and cabinets, all responsibly sourced and hand crafted for your kitchen. Our design team will help you build your dream kitchen complete with technology you didn’t even know existed. Choose beautiful and functional designs for your long term rental, or dive into designing the kitchen you have always wanted. Just a click away to get in on the ground floor of the home of tomorrow. 

Luxury Bedrooms

Rest Easy.

We spend a lot of our lives with our heads on our pillows. The environment in which we rest should be comfortable, and safe, and feel inviting. At Hunters Point we have reimagined the bedroom and how we function when we are at rest. 

Soft music, ocean sounds, season 5 of X-Files? How you sleep is completely unique to you and having the ability to customize your sleep environment is what turns a bedroom into a sanctuary. Customize ambient light just before bed to remove blue light and promote more sound sleep. Create a playlist that gradually fades out as you fall asleep. Even set an alarm on your blinds to gently nudge you awake with that brilliant Florida sunshine each morning. 

Besides technology, the material design of a bedroom can mean all of the difference. Choose warm or dark flooring options that were sourced ethically and sustainably from all over the globe. Super efficient insulation means maintaining comfortable temperatures all through the night. However you design your sanctuary, an investment in Hunters Point is an investment in living your absolute best life. 

Luxury Bathrooms

“Hey Siri, start Spa Mode”

The lights dim, the music switches to your “Bath Time Mix”, and temperature in the bathroom slightly increases to promote relaxation. Steam infused with Tea Tree oil is emanating from the vents. Settle into the bathroom of the future. 

A Hunters Point bathroom is created with the same focus on luxury as every other aspect of our homes and communities. Every technology available that has the capability of enriching your experience has been thought of and included in our offerings. State-of-the-art facilities, and rich, modern materials set the tone of relaxation, and our commitment to sustainability means you can feel happy about the environmental impact. 

The opulent finish of our surfaces will remind you of the expert craftsmanship that went into each and every home at Hunters Point. Responsibly sourced with unparalleled durability, the bathroom of the future is not only a retreat, but a bastion of what is possible. 

Our Marina

This is what they mean when they say “living that salt life”

Florida life unabashedly revolves around one thing, the ocean. From the aesthetic to the attitude, Florida is about the sea, and your proximity to it. The Hunters Point Marina is your port in the storm.

Our marina was created in the same vein as everything at Hunters Point, with luxury and sustainability as our main drivers. With slips of varying sizes, our residents have access to Florida’s greatest asset just off their back patios. Just minutes from the Gulf and steps out of your back door, this is your private access to all day watersports and boat-in dining located all over Anna Maria Island. 

resort lifestyle homes near anna maria island
The Location

The last brand new place in the past.

Cortez, Florida and Anna Maria Island are almost forgotten reliques of a time past. These quaint fishing villages used to pepper the Gulf Coast, but have given way to larger cities and more accommodation for tourists. Like a miracle of the age, Cortez has managed to maintain the natural and quaint Florida beauty through the decades. Tucked into a quiet corner of the Gulf Coast, just minutes from bustling Sarasota/Bradenton, this is a reminder of the way things used to be. 

There are lots of reasons we chose to build our community of tomorrow in this pristine spot. The year-round sunshine is not only a pleasant addition to life, it also helps to power our entire community. The laidback Florida lifestyle is conducive to the inner peace we strive to achieve, and ocean breezes are just second to none. 

The only downside to all of this, is the limited space. Paradise is small and Hunters Point is one of the very last places to find a “New Home” on Anna Maria Island. The juxtaposition of a bleeding edge home set in this quaint backdrop are what makes Hunters Point a unique one of one opportunity.

The Collective Pool

Don’t Forget the Community.

The best part of the community is the communing. A neighborhood is, at its core, just a collection of people living in close proximity. What makes a community is when that collection of people gather together to share experiences. Hunters Point was created around the idea that the infrastructure of a neighborhood needs to make those gatherings easy, inviting and carefree for all involved. That is why we built our community center around that time-honored tradition of summer time fun, the pool. 

Come and grab a seat in one of our luxury lounges or set up camp for the day under one of the umbrella tables. Take in the cool salt breeze as the BBQ wafts through the air and takes you back to those endless summers of yesterday. Mingle with your neighbors, make new friends or bring along the old ones, this is a place for community and fun. 

The Collective Pool was designed with the same attention to detail as every other aspect of Hunters Point. Rich fabrics, impeccable landscaping and warm Florida sun, will remind you of a Mediterranean beach resort. Whether you are planning a party or an afternoon with the family, The Collective Pool becomes the perfect place to experience all that South Florida weather has to offer. 

Private Pools

Sometimes you need a private oasis.

Spending the day merrymaking with the neighbors can take a lot out of a person. Sometimes you need a self-care day where the focus is entirely on you and your family. A comfortable lounge chair, a cool breeze, a frozen fruit-based drink, these are all just part of the equation. Just add a private oasis and relaxation can be the only outcome. Luckily each unit at Hunters Point comes oasis-ready right off the showroom floor with a gorgeous private pool. 

Beautifully designed and landscaped to perfection, each private pool at Hunters Point can be customized to the family’s specification and provides you with the privacy and luxury you have always dreamed about. Quality, ethically and responsibly sustained materials are used throughout and it’s all encased in a state-of-the-art pool cage that reduces UV exposure without sacrificing on the tanning potential. 

Paired with an outdoor kitchen, your private pool becomes a gathering space that can be enjoyed all year round. As with everything at Hunters Point, each of our private pools were designed with every detail in mind, and no expense spared. Brilliant technology with a WiFi connected sound system, lights controlled with your voice or even an outdoor monitor so you won’t miss a single touchdown while you’re firing up the grill. 


Outdoor Living Indoor Comfort.

Technology and design let us do a lot of really cool things. Green walls and simulated sunlight lighting let us bring the outdoors inside, but just look at the amazing things we can do with your outdoor space. At Hunters Point we bring the comfort and luxury of our homes, and extend it to all of your outdoor spaces as well. Each lanai is packed with technology, rich appointments, and of course, all responsibly and sustainably sourced. 

Weather proof electronics provides the ability to ask your digital assistant to start your “Summertimz” playlist while catching a tan, or watching a movie on the lanai during one of those charming afternoon Florida showers. Anything you can do inside of your Hunters Point home can be fully enjoyed while outside savoring the perfect weather you came to this paradise to experience. So whether you are sinking into your plush sofa to catch the latest blockbuster movie in the living room or the lanai, you can be sure that every aspect of your comfort and relaxation was thought of, designed and expertly built.

Roof Decks

Every Inch is Livable.

Did you know that most homes have HUNDREDS of square feet of unused space? Our approach to design and construction is always focused on utilizing every inch of usable space. That means that even the roof of your brand new Hunters Point investment property was fully utilized to maximize your enjoyment of this pristine environment. 

Choose to create an additional outdoor seating area, or get creative. Maybe build a putting green to finalize those plans to join the PGA Tour,  or an observatory to stargaze at our unspoiled night sky. However you choose to utilize the space, think of it as a bonus area to build something you have always dreamed about. At Hunters Point we specialize in bringing our residents' dreams to life and of course that means making every inch of your property usable, safe and comfortable…even the roof.


Store more than just a mower.

This isn’t your daddy’s garage. You won’t find exposed ductwork, shoddy insulation or a spider web of extension cords…unless you want to. What you will find are cutting edge EV superchargers, integrated speakers and access to your digital assistant. 

As with everything we do, we are focused on bringing our residents the utmost luxury with the latest in technology from the moment they return home. That is why each and every garage at Hunters Point comes already equipped with a Tesla Gen 2 fast charger. The community of tomorrow is focused on what is best for the future of our planet and that means electric vehicles replacing the fossil fuel burning technology of yesterday. So when you are ready to upgrade to the next generation of transportation, you can rest assured that when your garage door opens after it senses your car returning home, you will have up to 20 kW of charging power at your fingertips.

The garage of tomorrow is not only a place to park your sweet new ride. Maybe it doubles as a workshop or a place to install upgrades on your jet ski. It can be extra storage or an indoor golf simulator so you don’t miss a tee time during the rainy season. This is just one more well-appointed space in your new home for you to customize to your wildest whim. Let our designers create a space you are excited to come home to. Click below to start your journey to the home, and community, of the future. 

Experience Luxury, Sustainably!

Take the first step towards your dream resort lifestyle eco-friendly home near Anna Maria Island. Contact Hunters Point now to discover how you can live in harmony with nature without compromising on luxury. Your sustainable, luxurious future awaits!


World changing technology and quiet sea breezes.

Tucked into a quiet corner of the Gulf Coast and surrounded by Florida’s natural beauty, Cortez, FL was the ideal place to plan and build a first-in-class, luxury, sustainable ecosystem. A bit of old-world panache in its surroundings was exactly what Hunters Point needed to promote healthy and balanced living. Juxtaposed with the cutting-edge technology built into every home, the charm of Cortez allows you to keep an eye on the future, without forgetting the past.