The PEARL home

The Pearl: Sustainable Custom Homes in Cortez Await.

We chose to call our next generation home, The Pearl, because that is exactly what it is, a shining Pearl in a sea of “custom home design”. We built The Pearl from the foundation up as a blueprint of how homes should be built and finished in the future. Each property at Hunters Point is custom tailored to fit the needs of the owner, while simultaneously being an integrated part of the community as a whole. We have thought of everything, from lighting to climate control, so that you can relax and live your best life in those warm ocean breezes. Check availability below, investments are at a premium as this is among the last of the new construction you will find on the quaint and charming Anna Maria Island. 



When we say we threw away the playbook when it comes to modern day construction, we really meant it. This is an entirely new way to build homes with a focus on sustainability, and an ultimate goal to build the most efficient, beautiful, bespoke home you have ever owned. Form meets function in an entirely new way that works seamlessly into your life and stays firmly in the background. Our homes exceed even the most stringent of codes and offer peace of mind regardless of inclement weather, extreme temperatures or out of date power grids. 

Here are some of the ways that we merge responsible environmentally friendly living with the lap of luxury:

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solar powered homes near anna maria island
solar panels

Q.ANTUM Solar Panels

It’s not called the Sunshine State for the catchy tag line. With an abundance of sunny days, it should be obvious that we chose to power your home and the community with solar cells. Sleek, efficient and sturdy, Q.ANTUM by CELLS, Made in America, solar panels are soaking up every photon from sun up to sun down and routing power to your home, your neighbors, community centers and street lighting and even to your personal EV charging station in your new Pearl Home. 

Thanks to their lightweight, high-tech frame, these solar panels are certified with a wind load up to 4000 Pa, delivering long-term optimal results in all weather conditions, while also excelling in both low irradiation and high temperatures. Like everything we put into Hunters Point, these solar panels were the perfect choice for the community of tomorrow. 



“Hey Siri, adjust the light to be more conducive to winding down after a long day of kite surfing”. This is one of millions of things you can ask your new smart home to adjust for you and your family. Smart does not adequately describe The Pearl. We prefer genius. Fully voice activated, linked to every facet of your everyday life and intuitive enough to learn and anticipate your needs. Have the temperature drop just a few degrees before bed, or the coffee maker wake you up to the fresh smell of coffee every morning.  The future is here and Hunters Point is the only community around that can deliver on everything it promised. 

Floor Plan

Experience Luxury, Sustainably!

Take the first step towards your dream resort lifestyle eco-friendly home near Anna Maria Island. Contact Hunters Point now to discover how you can live in harmony with nature without compromising on luxury. Your sustainable, luxurious future awaits!


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