Introducing: Meg Carson

Published on
July 27, 2021
Introducing: Meg Carson


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Lead designer of Emcy Interior Design, and your Hunters Point Design Consultant!

At Hunters Point, we understand the importance your home plays in your life. Often times, your new home isn’t complete until you add your personal touch. That is why we have partnered with Emcy Interior Design to help you capture your ideal home image in a way that ensures minimal stress, yet yields maximum results.


Meet Meg Carson!

Meg has years of experience in commercial, hospitality and high end residential design. After planting her roots in the Sarasota/ Bradenton area in 2011, she found her sweet spot to be residential design. Armed with an Interior Design Degree from Florida State University, a State of Florida licensure and a National Council for Interior Design Qualification license, Meg started her own interior design firm after she found herself in high demand from prior clients and repeated referrals.

“I know more about home building than I ever dreamed of learning and I believe my building knowledge sets me apart from other interior designers. I understand the constraints of what can and what cannot be constructed in custom home building and how to do it, cost effectively and beautifully.”

Meg works closely with her clients to detail a layered, cohesive interior with smart finishes that function to the client’s specific way of living. Her focus is being the client’s greatest advocate through the home building process.

“The best part of the design process is watching the client fall in love with their new home, a space that is perfect for them and all their own. At the final reveal, they get to see in 3D what I saw in my head from day one. I’m thrilled for them and proud to be part of their special, unique creation that cannot be duplicated.”

Ready to Design the Sustainable Home of Your Dreams? We are looking forward to the opportunity to work together and match your own personal style with the newest products available in homebuilding. This collaboration is the one of the most important parts of your homebuilding journey—making your Hunters Point home reflect your own personal taste.

Making Your Selections: The Do’s and Don’ts

Your appointments will be dedicated to learning about all of the products that are available to finish the inside of your new home. Our design team will help you make choices for everything from flooring to backsplash, cabinets to door handles, and everything in between. Many customers ask, where do I start? How do I customize this home to make it my own? You’re not alone in these questions! Our team is here to help.

We have outlined a few of the do’s and don’ts for picking out design selections:


  • Do follow your own style. Make a mood board, find images you love and reflect on the vibe you want your new home to exhibit. Bring these ideas to your appointment!
  • Do have in mind which parts of the home you want to upgrade from the standard.
  • Do decide on a color palette you’d like to work from. This will help determine the direction of your flooring tone, which helps guide the rest of your home design.
  • Do go with your gut. Many times, customers second guess their first choice and request to make changes, only to change them back. Most of the time, the first decision you made is the right decision!


  • Don’t select paint first. Color tones may shift in your chosen selections from the start of your appointment to the end of your appointment, so you’ll want to choose a paint color that is appropriate for what you ended up selecting.
  • Don’t compare your home or design style to others. In the end, it is your personal style!
  • Don’t let others’ opinions influence you too much. It’s good to be open to other suggestions, but like we’ve said, it is your home!

From finding your dream home to filling it with reflections of your design style and personality, we’re creating better customer experiences at Hunters Point.
Let us welcome you to A LIFE WELL LIVED.