What sets us apart?

In a word, everything. At PEARL Homes, we have a responsibility to offer so much more than just collection of houses. The Hunters Point lifestyle is about respecting the Earth without compromising quality. It’s about combining modern luxury with cutting-edge technology. That’s why we’ve partnered with the world’s most innovative companies, like Sonnen and Google, to ensure that your home is truly state-of-the-art and powered by Florida’s most abundant natural resource: the sun.

Integrating our Technology

Sonnen Smart Energy Management For Brilliant Solar Homes

Imagine looking at your energy bill every month and smiling at how small it is. Imagine a home that produces and manages its own energy—and being able to monitor that automation at your fingertips. Many housing developments say they’re building smart homes. We say ours are brilliant. By incorporating sonnen, the world’s leader home energy management and storage, and solar in each home, we’re giving our residents a clean, reliable and long-lasting intelligent energy system that encourages greater energy independence. Sonnen has won countless awards, including The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) award for one of the most innovative companies in the world (alongside The Who’s Who of Silicon Valley including Google, Amazon and Facebook).

Google/Nest Home Technology

As a leader in home automation, Google/Nest’s Thoughtful Home comprises a variety of products to build the ideal connected home. We’re incorporating Nest thermostats and cameras, Google Home Assistant and more to allow you to manage the devices in your home, maximizing your comfort and your homes’ performance in ways that enhance your lifestyle.

Our Energy Partners

We are excited to be partnered with these companies.

The Lifestyle

Life is too short and Florida has too much to offer to stay indoors. Hunters Point gives its residents immediate access to one of the state’s greatest natural resources: The Gulf of Mexico. A life well lived begins on the water, and no other community like this in the entire country offers waterfront accessibility, energy efficiency and all that sun. You’re minutes from world-class scuba diving locations, snorkeling, water sports and the best boating on Florida’s coast.

In addition to the homes, Hunters Point will house its own marina and bistro—both serving as meeting points for residents of Hunters Point. Our bistro will feature a Gulf-to-table concept, one of the first in the area to do so. You catch it, bring it home and we prepare it the way you want it.



Just imagine you had the chance to take your energy future into your own hands

We understand that a house is more than just a place to eat, sleep and store your stuff. Our homes are an extension of ourselves—our aesthetic, our personality, our values. The elegant, high-tech and intelligent sonnen energy management system works with solar to automatically power your smart home using clean energy. With the sonnenApp you can monitor and manage how your home uses energy throughout the day.