Homeowners at Hunters Point Pearl Homes & Marina can expect to form a deep connection with the natural beauty of the historic Cortez Village, and Google’s smart home technology will further connect residents to nearly every aspect of their new homes. This integrated technology ensures those who choose to invest in the community on the Intracoastal Waterway remain on the cutting edge well into the future.

All Pearl Homes in Hunters Point feature Google Assistant integration for both indoor and outdoor cameras and a slew of Nest products, including a video doorbell, thermostat, and smoke detector. Residents will be able to control the air conditioning, lighting, cameras and televisions with the sound of their voice—quite useful after a long day on the water.


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As we all know, however, with great technology comes great responsibility. So, how can a Hunters Point investor make the most of their smart home?

Google Assistant is easy to set up with any Android or Apple device. It’s just a matter of downloading the Google Assistant app, tapping “add devices” and giving them a convenient name you’ll remember.

Hunters Point residents can create custom commands for their new, integrated smart home. For example, if a homeowner wants the lights to turn on and crank the music when they get home, you can set up a command like, “I’m home,” to initiate both actions at the same time. The same goes for when one leaves and wants to turn everything off simultaneously.

Working from home isn’t a chore if a couple who chooses to invest in Hunters Point doesn’t exactly agree on temperature preferences. Just ask your Google Assistant to lower the air conditioning in the office. With its connection to the air conditioning in the home, Google Assistant can customize the climate in every part of the house.

What if a resident forgot their new flies for a fishing trip to the nearby salt flats? A Hunters Point owner can just ask their Google Assistant to place an order, and the new jig will be on their doorstep in days.

When those new flies arrive, a Hunters Point homeowner doesn’t even have to interrupt their afternoon on the third-story skydeck. A resident can simply use the Nest video doorbell to greet the courier through their smartphone.

In fact, it’s easy to set up a shopping list.

While plenty of Nest features come standard with every Pearl Home, if a future resident of Hunters Point wants to add additional smart home devices, IFTTT is an excellent resource for integrating any new gadget.

The smart home features will also enhance any Saturday movie night. A Pearl homeowner can sync the lighting around their television with the movie they may be watching to truly immerse themselves in whatever they may be watching.

Nestled into the historic Cortez Village, Hunters Point residents have nature at their fingertips, but smart home technology connects any potential investor with a one-of-a-kind Pearl home.

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